Katie S.

Finally, the day I have literally been dreaming about, is here! The braces are off and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Over the past year, many would notice my braces as a Crawford product. (What? How could that be?) I was surpised as how could they tell. I asked the staff one day and was informed that I wasnt alone, braces on or off. Their end product is recognizable and they also use the smallest sized brackets. (They also have the most amazing chapstick!)
A huge thanks to the Crawford/Wright team (and they are a true, seamless team) for Best In Class treatment, care, professionalism, staff and easy scheduling process.
Let’s be honest, no one looks forward to having braces but they make it as easy, pain free, positive and fun as possible! I’m grateful knowing through my own positive experience as a patient there, that my 3 children will soon all be in Crawford’s care!