We understand that your days are busy with work and/or school, however, not all appointments can be done after school or in the evenings. We all have families that we enjoy spending time with at home and scheduling everyone after school hours would be impractical. Our longer appointments are scheduled mid-morning or early afternoon to accommodate our shorter adjustment and appliance check appointments before and after school or work. We do offer appointments two Saturdays per month in an effort to accommodate everyone. Please be understanding of this and know we are working to schedule everyone fairly and to render effective and efficient orthodontic treatment.

Please try to keep all appointments and arrive on time. We do not routinely make reminder calls for every procedure, however, if you request this, we will call to remind you of your appointments one business day prior to your appointment. We also offer appointment reminders via E-mail or Text. Please provide us with your e-mail address and/or cell phone number if you would like to receive these reminders! (message and data rates may apply). If you must change an appointment, please call as soon as possible so we are able to accommodate other patients who need to see us. If you have something broken or loose, please call to make arrangements to take care of it either with an emergency visit or at your next scheduled appointment.


We continually strive to help you in your busy schedule by staying on time with our scheduled appointments and with the expected length of your treatment. Following the above policy will help us to continue to do so.


You may also access your appointment and account information through this website by clicking the "Patient Login" key. Please contact our office if you do not have an account password.