Our “Wooden Nickel” Program

The “wooden nickel” program is a motivational reward system used to encourage patient cooperation and better oral hygiene. The success of orthodontic treatment relies greatly on the cooperation of the patient. Good oral hygiene prevents decalcification (white marks on the teeth), puffy gums and bad breath.

“Wooden nickels” are awarded for two categories: Good Oral Hygiene and Good Cooperation. Good oral hygiene means no redness or inflammation of the gums and no excessive plaque on the teeth. Hygiene will be graded at the beginning of the appointment by one of Dr. Crawford’s assistants. Good cooperation includes being on time for your scheduled appointments, making sure that nothing is loose, bent or broken on your braces and faithfully wearing the appliances that Dr. Crawford, Dr. Wright and staff ask you to wear. You will also receive a “Crawford & Wright Orthodontics” t-shirt or sweatshirt at the start of your treatment. Wearing your t-shirt or sweatshirt for appointments will earn a third wooden nickel for that visit.

You can earn up to three wooden nickels at your scheduled appointments as mentioned above. Because we stress the importance of maintaining regular six-month visits to your general dentist during treatment, you are also rewarded five bonus wooden nickels for each dental cleaning throughout your treatment. If you come in for an emergency visit, nickels are not awarded at that appointment. You will begin earning nickels at the records appointment and, when the braces come off, you will not earn any more nickels. Patients who earn wooden nickels can “purchase” prizes for the indicated values. All of our prizes are on display in the front office near the receptionist counter. We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Dr. Crawford, Dr. Wright and staff want to help create the best possible smile for each of our patients in a positive and happy atmosphere.

Last but certainly not least, if you are happy with our office and the treatment you have received, refer a friend! Ten bonus nickels will be rewarded for each new patient who gives your name as their referral source.

Thank you for your cooperation!!